Comparing Loan Rates

Comparing Mortgage and Loan Options In Cincinnati

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          If you are planning to take a mortgage, one of the most practical things you can do before signing the RESPA agreement papers is to compare and shop mortgage lenders. Knowing beforehand with regards to the factors that may affect your mortgage later on is enormous. For example, aside from interest rates, you need to know about the loan repayment period being offered by one lending institution over another. Shop and compare your mortgage ratesand closing cost options to make sure you get the best possible deal in the market. In Cincinnati, there are plenty of options for real estate lenders so if you want to get the best deal in the market, you need to make sure you shop and compare Cincinnati mortgage rates from various lending institutions so you can obtain the best Cincinnati mortgage, here at The Mortgage Network we have over 25 lenders that we shop on your behalf, some local and most regional, to find you the best loan to meet your needs.

Compare and Shop

          The ideal way for you to be able to get the best agreement for your mortgage loan, you have to find a lending institution that is able to provide you with a flexible monthly payment schedule. This can prove to be more affordable and easy to meet on a monthly basis because you are able to tailor fit your repayment option to your current financial condition. This will allow you to apportion your money on other expenses you can incur on a monthly basis. The longer repayment period you choose the higher interest rate your loan will carry and the shorter the term the lower the rate of interest you will pay. We offer terms from ten to thirty years.

          Another thing to know about mortgage lending is that the cost of borrowing can be dramatically different. You have to ask yourself how is that particular lending institution is getting paid for their services. Here at The Mortgage Network you are provided with that information upfront and we show you and give you what “credit or yield” a particular rate is paying when you lock. In layman’s terms, you leave nothing on the table for the bank to collect as additional income for them; it goes to you to help offset your closing cost. This way of doing business is much more cost effective way to borrow than paying unnecessary interest against your loan.


          You have to understand that the interest rates on different loans vary all the time that is why you need to find a financial institution that can provide you the loan at a lower interest rate and lower overall net closing cost. You can do this by shopping and comparing various lenders to find out which of them can offer you better rates or you can have us do it for you to save you the time and effort and hits against your credit scores.

Your Guide to Getting the Mortgage You Want and Need

The Guide to Getting the Mortgage You Want and Need!