5 Benefits of living in Sycamore Township Ohio

Like most of us you probably dream and aspire to live in a good home set in a nice environment. The goal is always to have maximum comfort while enjoying peace and quiet. With so many developments coming up every other day, identifying a good area to settle in may be challenging. Well, the following are some of the benefits of living in Sycamore Township.

1. Lower Earning Taxes

Unlike other cities, villages, and townships, residents of Sycamore Township do not pay any tax on earnings. This benefit is applicable to corporate entities as well as individuals living in the township. Residents working in any of the JEDZ (Sycamore Township Joint Economic Development Zones) can claim tax rebates after paying the income tax to JEDZ. The rebate is given as a grant from the STCIC (Sycamore Township Community Improvement Corporation).

2. Good Security Record

The Township of Sycamore prides itself in having one of the best crime prevention rates in the region. The security services are provided by a well-equipped and able police force. Under the guidance of Hamilton County Sherriff, the police patrol the entire township as well as its neighborhood on a round-the-clock basis. The security agents work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days in a year. This has made the area one of the safest and most friendly places to live in.

3. Effective Maintenance Service

The Fire and EMS department handles any fire or emergency. It operates from the Northern or the main office at the Sycamore Complex. The agency has well trained staff members, a good fleet of vehicles, and effective equipment. Sycamore Township also has a crew of 10 people who use trucks to collect fallen leaves. They also use six salt trucks to spread salt during the winter period.

4. Proper Tax Regulation

Sycamore Township has been experiencing tremendous growth. This has attracted many people as well as investors to the region. The Township is administered by a board which comprises of one fiscal officer and three trustees. If the taxes levied on the residents are more than 10 mils, they have to be approved by the taxpayers through a ballot. This approach helps in streamlining taxation as well as lessening the tax burden on the residents.

5. Quick Service Delivery

Sycamore Township in managed by a township government. The membership consists of three trustees and fiscal officers. Due to the small membership and well-laid out guidelines, the decision making process is much faster. The residents are able to receive the desired services within the shortest time possible. The streamlined process also makes it easy for the residents to forward their grievances and receive timely feedback. This goes a long way in improving the living standards in the township.

Any person looking for a nice environment will appreciate living in Sycamore Township. Over the years, the Township has been expanding rapidly. The region boasts of having some of the best and modern amenities in the region as well as over 80 acres of parks and fields. Other notable benefits of living in Sycamore Township Ohio include; good transport networks, proper infrastructure, well-maintained streets and neighborhoods.

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