5 Tips for Environmentally Friendly Homes

Environmentalists look at many ways to prevent further damage to the earth that is energy star homealready changing because of pollution. Every person has an obligation to do what he or she can to slow down the process of climate change because most of us consume energy every day. Realizing this, some people consider adjusting their homes to help the environment. They do this by using products that are created with clean energy or alternative fuel.  Also, solar power and wind power may be used to power your home to help cut down on the amount of energy used from not so sustainable sources.

Here are 5 Tips for environmentally friendly homes. Because your house has a lot of machines or tools that use energy.

In tip one, considering energy efficient appliances could be beneficial to the environment. There are many types of energy efficient household products. These include energy-saving light bulbs, solar radio systems and micathermic space heaters. Although initially these appliances may be “pricy”, over the long run you will save money on energy cost while helping the environment.

Tips 2, ever consider how much energy you use while you’re sleeping or away from your home. A memory management thermostat can help you conserve energy when you’re sleeping or not at home. This type of device can cut your home energy consumption by 20 percent, according to consumer reports. This tool allows you to save energy by using heat when you wake up instead of consistently throughout the night when you are asleep.

Tip 3, although something as simple as recycling seems to be self-explanatory, adding a recycling trash can inside your home to compliment an existing recycling bin outside your home will help the environment. This will make it much easier to sort out trash from reusable material. Also, imagine how easy it would be to just dump your trash into the trash bin and your recycling into the recycling bin. It is quick and easy for not only you but also the trash man making his/her routes.

Tip 4, the type of paint you use is important to consider in environmentally friendly homes. Purchasing environmentally friendly paint will help give you that badge of honor when creating environmentally friendly homes. In traditional paint there could be lead and other harmful additives.

Tip 5, use bamboo for flooring, it replenishes itself much faster than wood which is better for the environment.

Be sure to share your tips and/or adjustments you have made in your home to make it an environmentally friendly home.

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