Empty Nesters Finding a Dream Home

Most empty nesters have a list of priorities for what they desire in their dream home. While downsizing is a popular term today, what many seniors are hoping to find is a house that is a manageable size but not overly compact. For this population of home buyers, finding a dream home involves finding a home that meets their criteria for size, is in a location they find appealing or convenient and offers luxuries their family home may not have had. As builders become more familiar with these preferences, finding a dream home has gotten easier.

3177161_sIn regards to the size of home that empty nesters are searching for, they want a house that they can live comfortably in with space available for their children or grandchildren to stay overnight. Having the main living and sleeping space on the first floor is often a requirement. In a dream home, the first floor master is designed as a luxurious retreat area with a sitting area as well as a spacious sleeping area. The master bath is also spacious and is designed with high end fixtures and counter tops. Quite often, a large shower is preferable to a tub. Features such as grab bars in the shower or a tall toilet are no longer considered additions for elderly or handicapped individuals. They are incorporated into the bathroom design as safety and convenience features.

Empty nesters in hopes of finding a dream home are expecting a high-end kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops. This may be an upgrade from the kitchen in the family home they are moving out of. Easily accessible cabinets with pullout shelves are a popular feature in a dream kitchen.

The location of the ideal dream home varies from person to person. For some, the ideal location is in town where shops, restaurants and entertainment opportunities are close by. Others may prefer that their dream home be located in a vacation-like setting near a lake, at the beach or in the mountains.

Regardless of where this dream house is located, an updated interior that offers modern conveniences is essential. Having bonus space for an office, hobby room or game room is often on the dream home wish list. Efficiency is also important. They want well-insulated homes and energy efficient appliances and heating and cooling systems.

The bottom-line they don’t have to settle for less than they want.  If you are an empty nester find the perfect real estate agent that understands your needs and wants and can point you in the right direction.

Seniors 62+ can look into a HECM for purchasing a home without a monthly payment. For more information call or email Jeff:  jeff@themortgagenet or 513-346-4070 x 10

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