How To Prepare For An Organized And Efficient Move

Buying your home can be an exciting and fulfilling experience, but the Moving in can fall buying a homeinto the chore category. Here’s some tips to help in preparing for an organized move.

1. Pack into suitcases everything you’ll need until a few days past moving day. Include clothing, toiletries and medications. Pack just like you would to go on vacation.

2. Leave out two towels per person in your household.

3. Make a menu up to moving day. Keep it simple and only cook for the number of people in your home. Don’t leave room for leftovers.

Here’s a list of the things you’ll need for packing:

1. Clothing boxes. You can get these from your moving company.

2. Newspaper, tons of it. Ask neighbors and co-workers to save it for you.

3. Picture boxes. You can get these from your moving company.

4. Visit your local grocery or liquor store. They usually set aside their boxes for people who are moving. Be sure to get the inserts which divide liquor bottles. They’re perfect for packing glassware.

5. Packing tape. You’ll need a roll and dispenser for each person in the house.

6. Sharpies. You’ll need one or two for each person.

7. A large bag of packing peanuts.

8. A couple of large rolls of bubble wrap.

Now, you’re ready to start packing and camping. Pull out sleeping bags and use them for beds until you get into your new home. Collect all dirty linens and launder then pack into boxes. As you fill and tape a box write on it what is in it and what room it needs to go to in your new home. Begin packing room by room leaving the kitchen for last. Start with bedrooms.

In the bedrooms: 

1. Pack all clothing into clothing boxes, seal and label with the owner’s name and which room in the new house the box is going to.

2. Pack all knick knacks and lamps into boxes, seal and label accordingly.

3. Break down beds and stand up on their sides.

4. Break down bed frames. Wrap pieces together with tape and label as to which bed it goes to. Create a box just for bed frames.

Living Room:

1. Pack all knick knacks and lamps into boxes, seal and label as to which room it’s going to in the new house.

2. Pack books into smaller boxes so as they won’t be too heavy.

3. Pack sofa and seat cushions into large boxes, seal and label accordingly.

4. Push all furniture against walls. This is now you’re campground for the family.

Kitchen/Dining Rooms:

1. Pack all china and crystal. Wrap each piece in newspaper and fill boxes. Fill in any extra space in the boxes with packing peanuts. Seal and label accordingly adding in large lettering all over the box “fragile, handle with care, PLEASE!”

2. Pack ALL everyday dishes in the same manner. Remember you’re camping until you move into your new home. From here on use paper plates, foam cups and napkins.

3. Pack pots and pans, leaving out one baking sheet, one large skillet and one medium saucepan. Seal boxes and label accordingly.

4. Pack small appliances, leaving out coffeemaker and microwave. Seal and label boxes accordingly.

We hope these tips have helped you in preparing for an organized move.

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