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live in Fairfield OhioThe question, why live in Fairfield Ohio is a simple one to answer for most of the residents past and present, this small city offers a family friendly community with an award winning school district. In 2001, Fairfield began a redevelopment program known as the Village Green, which was designed to enhance the city and create a new downtown area. This redevelopment program included the creation of new community recreational areas and a community arts center, which would be the focal points of downtown Fairfield.

With a history dating back to the arrival of the Groh family in 1877, Fairfield has grown to encompass the largest school district in Ohio. The award winning schools are one of the major reasons a large number of families have made the decision to make the move to this city to the north of Cincinnati. With around 10,000 students enrolled each year in the Fairfield school district the region’s schools have become known for their academic excellence and a strong athletic history in a number of sports.

For many the smaller city life is an attractive option when compared to the lifestyle in the metropolitan area of Cincinnati. The redevelopment of the downtown area of Fairfield has seen the development of around 28 leisure and recreational areas, with a number of family friendly parks and community areas. Amongst the leisure attractions available to the people of Fairfield are an 18 hole golf course and a number of sports fields, including the disabled friendly Joe Nuxhall Miracle league Fields that were constructed and built specifically for those with disabilities in 2012.

The construction of the community arts center in Fairfield is still regarded as the greatest achievement in the redevelopment of the city, as this brought new life to the downtown area. A large number of locally owned stores and restaurants have since arrived in downtown Fairfield as the many answers to the question of why live in Fairfield Ohio continue to grow. The construction of the Aquatics Center, with a large water park and swim teams housed within its impressive building is an important part of the summer months in Fairfield. A quieter type of sporting achievement can be found at the Marsh Park Fishing Lake, which proves their are things to see and do for everybody in Fairfield Ohio.

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