Low Rates not turning into Buyers

Over the past months mortgage rates just kept getting lower and lower (down to 3.125% for some 15-year loans). The result of these plummeting interest rates? Nothing. The number of home loan applications for lenders across the industry has not resulted in the uptick everyone thought it would. Blame it on consumer confidence, the economy, whatever you want. Regardless of the reason, we are left with struggling brokerage houses, desperate banks, and consumers that would just as soon remain in the status quo, than take advantage of, what anyone in the know see as, the absolute best time in many of our lives to take advantage of refinancing or buying a new home. If you’re reading this, you are sitting in the choir listening to my preaching. So what now? Supply is up, demand is down, so why are prices on the rise? Let’s call it “anti-economics”.

But, fear not. There is help, not from the government, not from the banks, and not from anyone, save for you. Yes, you. Imagine, if everyone knew what we in the industry know. We would all be flooded with applications, finding ourselves in a deluge of prospects. It’s up to you to educate your community about the situation we are all in. It’s up to you to restore confidence in the real estate and financing industry. Not one other person is going to do it for you. Find any way you can to communicate with prospective buyers. Note that I said “communicate with” not “advertise to”.

Advertising has it’s purpose, but there’s another avenue, likely more productive avenue. By engaging with more people, we are able to teach them and that’s exactly what they need. Accept it or not, real estate financing is seen as complex and corrupt. The old adage of “one bad apple spoils the bunch” is widely held for a reason. But hey, there’s a lot of good apples left in this bunch, let’s teach people that.

About Jeff Steinacker

At The Mortgage Network of Ohio Inc., we believe that you should have more than one option for a Mortgage. We will take your application, work every possible scenario, then offer you options of loan programs available to meet your needs. Jeff can be reached at 513 346 4070 x10 or jeff@themortgagenet.net