Mortgage and Real Estate Trends

Following real estate trends can be a worthwhile goal for many people out on the market. However, understanding those same trends may be problematic, given the complexities of mortgages and real estate. If you’re interested in buying property, work with an experienced company that can teach you about trends and help you make the most of the current market state.

If you’re in the Cincinnati area, our real estate team is ready to help you. We are dedicated to our clients — and we have the testimonials to prove it. More importantly, our team has a deep understanding of real estate trends and how they impact the local market — and your future real estate purchases.

Mortgage rates have remained low for a few years now, and remain in the 4’s for qualified buyers. Average sale prices for homes in Cincinnati are on the rise, as well.

This is good news for the home seller looking to make a move this summer.

mortgage trends

A qualified agent expedites the search process on your part, helping you narrow down the list of potential properties, so you can find the perfect home at the right price for you.

An agent helps you navigate the buying process, too. For buyers and sellers, the first step should be getting a mortgage approval. As a buyer, the approval makes you more appealing to potential sellers and lets you know what your budget is. For sellers, this approval helps you make educated decisions about the minimum sales price of your current home and the price of your next home. An agent will also be able to help you budget for any additional fees and closing costs associated with your purchase.

Paying attention to current real estate trends allows you to better predict what will happen next in your market: will home prices drop, or will they rise? Should you cough up that down payment now, or wait till the market is more favorable to buyers? An agent can alert you as to when mortgage prices in an area hit a certain point, which can help you determine when to make that major investment move.

When you’re looking for the home of your dreams, call me, Jeff Steinacker, President of the Mortgage Network of Ohio 513-346-4070 ext 10 to discuss all of your mortgage options.

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