Preparing Your Home For Sale

preparing your home for saleYou have made the hard decision to sell your home. Looking around the house you have a myriad of good memories. The pictures hanging on the bedroom walls the kids made when they were in school. The day you found a complete six piece living room suite that has been re-upholstered several times over the years, and the lounge chair that has seen better days that you refuse to replace. The real estate agent will speak to you about preparing your home for sale. Your house had become a home over the years and is comfortable for you and your family and that’s how it should feel. The buyer wants to see a house that is not lived in but brand almost spanking new.

Preparing your home for sale is the same way a department store prepares for customers, they showcase the stock that’s going to be sold.

* Put all emotions on the shelf, selling real estate is a business.

* Create a photo journal, take before and after pictures.

* The outside of the house is what the buyer is going to see first.

* The grass, flower beds and the path to the front door should be neat and free of debris. Unsightly hanging tree branches should be pruned.

* Stand back a few feet from the house and make the decision if it needs a new paint job. If you take more than a few minutes to think about it, then painting is in order.

* Windows outside and inside have to be crystal clear. All doors should be cleaned. Now you can see that all window treatments have to be cleaned or replaced.

* Walk through each and every room of your house and record on any electronic device or just use pen, ink and paper on what repairs may be needed.

* Furniture that is worn, chipped, stained and prized only by you the owner, should be placed out of eyesight of the buyer.

* All pictures on the walls that don’t enhance the beauty of the room have to be removed.

* Holes left in the walls and ceilings from added light fixtures, hanging chimes, clocks or shelves should be filled, sanded and re-painted.

* A new coat of paint throughout the house will give it a fresh look.

* The carpet throughout the house should have a deep cleaning. Or if needed should be replaced.

* A new kitchen isn’t necessary, but it should be spit shine cleaned with no lingering offensive odors.  If you want to go the extra mile simply changing out hardware to what is in now can make it look more modern.

* Pots, pans, baking dishes and utensils should be stored out of sight.

* Kitchen floors, walls and surfaces should look like a showroom.

Preparing your home for sale following the guidelines might be daunting but the results will be worth it with a sold sign in the front yard, you may want to call The Mortgage Network today and get pre-approved for your next purchase.  It may be simpler to buy now, rehab the old, and then sell the old home.

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