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Purchase The House You Want With Pre-approval Letter From Your Mortgage Lender In Cincinnati


           In Cincinnati, home sellers are more confident with a buyer when he or she is already pre-approved by the bank or mortgage lending institution. More often than not, the common mistake of home buyers is that they typically wait to find the dream home they want to purchase before they contact their lender. As a buyer, you will be able to gain the confidence of the home seller if you already have your pre-approved letter with you. Some home sellers in Cincinnati will almost always require a pre-approved letter to make sure you will have the needed financing for purchasing the property. This will prevent them from entertaining other interested buyers and put you in their priority list instead. The pre-approval letter from your lender will also serve as an indicator that you have the financial capacity to purchase the property since the pre-approval will be the mortgage lender’s calculation of the amount you will be able to finance via loan as well as your future monthly payment for it.

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One of the strategic ways of house hunting is being able to know the exact amount you can borrow from your mortgage lender. Not only will this simplify your house hunting but you can also focus on properties that are within your budget range. In short, the pre-approval letter you have from your mortgage lender in Cincinnati will be your basis for the properties you will be assessing for purchasing. It will be a very big disappointment to zero in on your dream home but find out later that you are not qualified for the amount needed for the loan. A Cincinnati pre-approval letter will be your clearance to purchase a house even if you do not yet have the full amount. Getting pre-approved in Cincinnati is almost as good as getting the complete approval for your home loan application.

          An evaluation of your income and other assets versus your monthly expenses and outstanding debts will provide an estimate of the amount of mortgage loan you can get pre-qualified for. A pre-qualification will be one of the easiest requirements you can obtain to prove sellers how serious you are in purchasing the property and that you are financially capable of financing it. When you have your pre-approval letter, it will save a lot of time and effort and allow you to move quickly should you be able to find a home that you like. This helps you to concentrate on your budget range and stay accurate to what you really can afford…give Jeff a call at The Mortgage Network of Ohio, Inc @ 513 346 4070 x10.


Your Guide to Getting the Mortgage You Want and Need

The Guide to Getting the Mortgage You Want and Need!