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4 Steps to Refinancing Your HomeWhen you learn how to refinance your mortgage, you can capitalize on many different needs you may have. There are many times when it may be appropriate to complete a refinance, and this can have some great benefits for a homeowner. You can easily learn the steps that are necessary to complete a refinance, and allow you to change the terms of your loan.

1.Identify Your Needs

As a homeowner, you will need to identify why you need this refinance. With the interest rates drop, this can be a great time to participate in a refinance. This will give you better terms for your mortgage. You want to look at your goals for this refinance. Sometimes a refinance can be used to change the terms of the loan and allow you to pay off your mortgage even faster.

2. Gather Your Paperwork

You will need information pertaining to your current loan. You will also need to check out your credit report. Your credit report will be looked at, and will be a determining factor for a refinance. Income information will also be needed. Many of the things that are required when you took out your first mortgage, will also be required for a refinance. A lender will look at all of your information to determine if you are eligible for the refinance of your mortgage.

3. Look For A Lender

You can apply with several different lenders to find out what type of loan conditions that you qualify for. You can turn to your current lender to apply for a refinance, but you should also make sure that you are looking at many different lenders to ensure that you get the best rates for your loan. You can choose The Mortgage Network and allow us to do the shopping for you with 20+ lenders for you.

4. Move Forward With Your Refinance

When you have received your offers it is time compare and choose your lender. If you have questions about the offers speak to your mortgage advisor, he or she can give you the direction you need. Do not hesitate and wait to close the deal, you want to act when the terms are most favorable. If you wait too long to act, you may lose the rates that you want.

If you have questions or concerns before you begin the process of refinance please give us a call at 513-346-4070.

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