Tips For Creating Curb Appeal

When you’re getting ready to sell your home curb appeal is crucial. When potential buyers walk up to a home the first impression they have is very important. It can often be the determining factor in the decision to buy. Making sure your home has curb appeal can make selling your home a lot easier.

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The right landscaping and preparation of your front door can win over the client before they see the inside of the home. The customer will enter the home in a positive frame of mind anticipating more beauty and value inside. The reverse can also happen, if buyers are not impressed with the curb appeal they will often choose not to view the home. The good news creating curb appeal doesn’t have to be a costly venture.

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Curb appeal means creating an exterior that is neat, clean, and colorful and has character. Creating this type of exterior doesn’t have to difficult or expensive. Most homes can usually improve their curb appeal significantly for a few hundred dollars and a little sweat. One-way to do this is to add colorful accents to the front of your home. The front door is a great place to start. Consider replacing or repainting your front door or adding trim. Fixing any damage to the walkway and bordering it with flowing plants in your freshly mulched garden beds can also help with creating curb appeal.

To enhance your home’s exterior consider adding shutters or window boxes. They do not cost much but they quickly improve the house’s look. Have a small lawn area? Consider installing a garden path and a few flowers. It will brighten up the area and add character to your home’s exterior. Or you might try adding a few container pots or window boxes of your favorite plants; it is quick, easy, and colorful and does not cost a lot.

Sometimes it can be as simple as taking the time to power-wash your siding, clean and stain your deck and paint the trim can make you home stand out. Replacing old hardware such as putting up new house numbers and will assist in making that positive first impression.

Adding outdoor lighting brightens the entrance and makes it safer. Low-voltage landscape lighting can add wonderful accents to the walkway, trees or other landscaping elements. Today’s new and improved solar lighting is a nice touch, as is outdoor art like wind-chimes, water sculpture or bird baths.

Dressing up the mail box or surrounding it with beautiful flowers is an easy way to add style, charm and color to your home’s exterior for very little money.

Want your home to stand out even more, adding arbors, decorative fences and colorful, interesting gardens gates can help to highlight your home.

As you make these improvements remember it’s very important to make sure the changes work well together and go well with the architecture of your home.

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