Tips for making your home safe for senior living

3177161_sMaking your home safe for seniors living is not difficult; however, it does require a plan, some effort and a desire to make your home safe and secure. Whether you are the senior or maybe you have a senior family member moving in to your home these are some easy tips to keep safe.

One basic tip to make your home safe for senior living that will help is doing what you can to prevent a fall. Something as simple as removing rugs or applying double-sided tape underneath the rugs, are excellent ways to prevent a fall.

In addition, installing handrails in your bathroom or kitchen can also prevent a fall from occurring on a slippery floor. In most cases, handrails are easy to install and the cost is minimal. If there are stairs in your home, handrails can give extra support when going up and down.

Another tip that will keep your home safe for seniors is by installing toilet seats that have handles on both sides. This can give support and give a senior a feeling of independence and freedom of movement. Keep in mind that giving a senior an alarm that can be worn around their neck or around their wrist, can give them immediate help to emergency services and will also notify you should something happen.

It is also important to remove any objects in your home that might clutter the home and cause a fall to happen. Keeping your home free of clutter or unnecessary objects will not only prevent accidents from happening but also offer an environment that is stable and secure.

In your bathroom there are certain safety features that will help such as:

  • placing a nonskid runner in the bathtub
  • add a hand held shower attachment
  • consider a handicap accessible toilet

In addition, be sure to check the batteries in all carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors as well. Also look to see if any light bulbs need to be replaced. Not having adequate light when moving from one room to another can cause a senior to panic and possibly fall.

In addition to these tips you may need financing to make these changes in your home. One way to make these changes a reality is by taking advantage of the HECM loan.

To conclude, making your home safe for seniors is easy to do; however, it does take time and effort in finding ways to make your home safer and accident-free for seniors.

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