What Can You Do this Winter to Prepare your Home for Sale in the Spring

preparing home for sellThe biggest home selling season of the year is spring, a much less active time is winter. So what can you do this winter to prepare your home for sale in the spring? Here are some tips:

• Finish all projects. If you are house bound due to miserable weather, put the time to good use. If there is a loose drawer pull, now is the time to tighten it. Replace missing or broken tiles on the floor. Put plaster and paint on any cracks or holes in your walls. Replace washers on leaky faucets. Everything you notice that is not perfect in your home should be fixed, replaced or gotten rid of. If you notice it, so will prospective buyers.

• Declutter. Go through closets and clear out all clothes you haven’t worn in the last year. If you don’t wear it, it is just taking up space. If you donate it, someone else gets good use out of it. And, as a bonus, you get a tax write off, and your closets look neater and roomier. Roomy closets sell. Go through drawers and cabinets in your kitchen and reorganize. If you have duplicates of something, put the duplicate in the donation box. If the item is not used often, pack it away. Leave your counter tops as clutter free as possible. Less clutter makes the area look bigger. Put everything that is not essential to your everyday life in boxes and move them out of the way. You want to give the impression that there is more than enough space for everything.

• Neutralize your home. If you allowed your teenager to paint her entire room black, now is the time to get some neutral color on those walls. Make all areas of your home as generic as you can. Take family photos off the wall and pack them away. Colorful, but generic, paintings or photographs make good replacements.

• Clean, clean, clean. You may not be able to wash the windows on the outside, but you can clean everything on the inside. Make your home sparkle. Shampoo or replace worn carpets. Clean your ceiling fans. Make the refrigerator and stove gleam. Prospective buyers do notice. If your home looks and smells clean and well-taken care of, people are drawn in.

So what can you do this winter to prepare your home for sale in the spring? Plenty. You may be able to address the curb appeal and outside issues when the snows are gone and temperatures are milder, but now is the time to start on the inside. When your home is clean, neutral and without clutter, buyers make offers.

Do a walk through prior to placing your home on the market, look at as if you were impartial set of eyes and make your home stand out in the market place.

Just as you prepare your home for sale you should call Jeff at The Mortgage Network to prepare your mortgage load application so you are ready to buy.  Let’s make sure you are comfortable with the new homes payments which include the new property tax and new home insurance cost. We will be sure there is not something on your credit that needs to be fixed before the time is here when you sell.  You may be able to carry both homes and mortgages for the short term and this way you can buy now move your family and household items and then ready your home for sale , which could be an easier process for you.  We can explore these and other options to make your next sale and purchase a breeze.

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At The Mortgage Network of Ohio Inc., we believe that you should have more than one option for a Mortgage. We will take your application, work every possible scenario, then offer you options of loan programs available to meet your needs. Jeff can be reached at 513 346 4070 x10 or jeff@themortgagenet.net
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