What To Look For In Your Residential Home Builder

home builderFor many aspiring homeowners who have decided to build rather than buy, sorting through residential home builders can be a daunting task at best. Armed with patience, a willingness to put in legwork, and a list of the right questions, it doesn’t have to be a difficult process.

If at all possible, finding a local or regional builder is the right place to start. These builders, have an investment in your community. Having a bad reputation in your own hometown is not a wise path to take when you want to stay in business. It is also a two way street.

Now that the field is narrowed down, it’s time for the references. A good builder will not wait for the homeowner to ask for them. They will be handed to you on a silver platter. Ask to see local work when possible, and work that is comparable to the project you have in mind. Never be bashful. Don’t simply drive by the home, and make a passing comment that it looks nice. When at all possible speak with the owners and ask for a tour. This is not a time for shyness.

Check with any associations or civic groups your builder may belong to. If any licensing is necessary in your state, and local area, make sure there are no problems. If everything is in order this should not be an issue to work through painlessly. Speak to the local Home Builders Association. 

Once these details are behind you, sit down and have a conversation about the project. At the end of the day it really pays to have a good relationship with your residential home builder. You will know him pretty well by the time the project is finished. It can be a great experience when all is said and done. Enjoy your new home!

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